Nonla Taqueria, The New Beginnings of 321 N Grand St.

nonlaBy Schoolcraft 10th graders Hannah Kelecava, Taylor Abfall, Aiden Gray, and Hunter Martens

A new and upcoming restaurant, Nonla Taqueria recently opened in Schoolcraft. “Nonla Taqueria has a warm, welcoming atmosphere,” said Brandon Newland who has eaten at Nonla Taqueria a few times.

“The food at Nonla Taqueria is all fresh If you are in the need for a Mexican homestyle meal. Nonla Taqueria is the place to go because of its authentic Mexican food,” Newland said. The new restaurant will bring new experiences to the community.

“Many businesses have failed in the small town of Schoolcraft,” Newland said. “I feel like this one will really take off, bringing others into Schoolcraft.”

The restaurant owners have their own twist on the place. They made it their own by decorating and having a welcoming sense inside. “It is a very welcoming place where everyone wants to talk and you always feel like you are being helped,” Newland stated.

Chef Nguyen said “We saw that Schoolcraft would have many opportunities. We saw that the building we are currently in was sitting vacant and needed some love. Also, it is right off a busy street, so we thought Schoolcraft would be a great place.” With Christmas coming along many people will be out and about in town and after a busy day will want a nice meal. Also, Nguyen said that they are trying to figure out a Taco Tuesday deal to have soon.

Schoolcraft High School’s Spanish teacher, Melissa French had some very positive feedback. French said “People are likely to visit this restaurant because they have really good food that will draw people in. The community and people outside of the community know the Nonla name because they have two other restaurants that are well known, this will push them to try the third.”

Being in a small town challenges restaurants to stay in business. For example, there have been many other, different companies and restaurants in that space. Some people are questioning how this restaurant will maintain its well-being in the small town. “It’s important for small towns like Schoolcraft to have restaurants other than chain restaurants. This allows for people to experience different kinds of food which makes this restaurant special to our small town,” stated French. Also, French said that Nonla will bring bright new energy to the community.

Nonla Taqueria has had good success in the community so far and the people here have been spreading the good word around. Hopefully Nonla can hold ground at the new destination and make a big positive impact on the people visiting and eating there. Don’t hesitate to pull in their parking lot and try something new.

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