Vicksburg Parents Form Fine Arts Booster Organization

art boosters 2
These doors were decorated to celebrate the new Fine Arts Boosters.

By Sue Moore

Parents working together to support the fine arts in Vicksburg School have formed the nucleus of a boosters’ organization, much like the Sports Boosters and the Band Boosters. Over 50 percent of Vicksburg’s 2,674 students are enrolled in some form of fine arts education, said Bob Willhite, one of the involved parents.

The Vicksburg community is rich in artistic talent, another organizer, Cindi Fleck, pointed out. “A good example is the recent Celebration of the Arts at Vicksburg High School in May. That was evident in the dedication put forth by students, teachers, family and administrators. However, as with many school programs, finances and funding are tight. This is where the Vicksburg Fine Arts Boosters (VFAB), wants to help,” she said.

The Boosters are committed to focusing on all students from kindergarten through 12th grade that are involved in fine arts programs, Fleck said. “We want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to experience and value the fine arts in the school system. The programs included are visual arts, general music, vocal music, photography, videography and theater. VFAB’s mission is to support and encourage participation in these programs and to augment the school’s funding. As with all boosters, our focus will be on fundraising opportunities,” Fleck said.

To get started, the Boosters have partnered with Kalamazoo Candle Company selling candles online and will be having a candle-making class on Friday, June 7. At the end of summer, they will also be helping host Pasture Golf Stampede, a fun day of golfing with cows on a farm near Scotts. Later this year, they are looking to host a costume party, movie night and painting classes.

“Arts education is critical for helping students develop creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving abilities,” said Megan Chernin on Pinterest. “The arts help students think outside the box. It connects ideas, encourages and makes you think.”

As a new booster organization, VFAB is actively seeking parents, alumni, students and community members with a desire to enhance, support, expand the students’ educational opportunities in fine arts. Anyone interested in joining the parents’ group should come to the next meeting on Thursday June 6 at 6:30 p.m. in the Vicksburg Administration building board room. Information can be found at the following places: On Facebook, Vicksburg MI FAB; on Instagram, Vicksburg Fine Arts Booster; and email,

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