Vicksburg Village Seeks to Add Staff

By Sue Moore

Vicksburg Village Manager Jim Mallery has proposed adding a full-time staff member to communicate with residents, attract new business and serve as liaison with village boards and committees.

The village will seek a grant from the Vicksburg Foundation to fund $37,500 per year, half the cost, for three years. This person would also be responsible for the village website and social media.

A new policy for appointed boards and commissions was enacted by the Vicksburg Village Council at its May 6 meeting that was praised by council members for being open and transparent for anyone seeking one of these positions.

Road work on major streets in the village was announced for W. Prairie, Richardson Street and north and South streets in the Leja business park at a cost of $185,485. Local streets to be repaved include E. Raymond, Hamilton, Adams, and South Davis at a cost of $144,200. Mallery explained that the money comes from state Act 51 road funds only. No local tax money is included in the work plan.

Work on two railroad crossings is expected to start in June and be completed by Canadian National Railroad by July. This includes the W. Prairie and N. Main crossings but not the one on Boulevard.

Another grant request was approved to seek $2,000 from the Vicksburg Foundation to help with the cost of the June 6 state of the village luncheon at the R&R Event Center. The public is invited.

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