School Board Recognizes Community and Wrestling Team

Rob Ling, Schoolcraft’s wrestling coach, congratulates his team members who went on to wrestle in the state championships. They are from left to right: Caden Sukich, Mark Fox, Hunter Martens, Silver Fox, Gary Cramer.

By Travis Smola

The Schoolcraft Board of Education honored three people with Soaring Eagle awards at its March meeting.

The first honoree was Linda Ryder for her long service to the community, volunteering as a ticket taker for the last 30 years. Superintendent Rusty Stitt said the award was long overdue.

“Linda, if you don’t know her, is the glue that holds winter athletics together,” Stitt said.
The next honoree was Krystal Parker, who was recognized for numerous contributions to the district over the years.

“From helping students to learn their letters, to helping them learn to drive, Krystal Parker has helped,” Stitt said. He said Parker helped students master reading and math skills by providing different levels of support geared toward all students learning in different ways.

“Krystal truly cared about each and every student as if they were her own,” Stitt said.
The last honoree for the month was Barb Goldschmeding. Stitt said she spreads energy and positivity to everyone else she encounters in the community. He also praised her attention to detail, demand for excellence and pride in her job.

“Barb is exceptionally current at keeping our Eagles soaring above all others,” Stitt said.

The board also recognized five members of the varsity wrestling team who made it to the finals this year. Head Coach Rob Ling introduced each member to the board. He said the boys and one girl “put themselves through a grind” over the course of the long season.

Gary Cramer, Silver Fox, Mark Fox, Hunter Martens and Caden Sukich all made it deep into the finals this year and came up just short of a title. Ling said the team’s success is even more amazing considering that wrestling hasn’t always been a top sport in the community.

“For lack of a better word, there’s no culture of wrestling in Schoolcraft,” Ling said. “In my 15 years, I’ve had two kids who had dads who wrestled. We’ve only had two years when we didn’t have kids qualify for state,” Ling said. “That in itself makes me very proud of this program and this community and we appreciate all you guys’ support.”

Ling said this current crop of wrestlers is helping to establish such a culture. They have a ton of up-and-coming wrestlers in the eighth grade to look forward to in coming years.

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