Moore than Words

Photo by Leeanne Seaver.

By Leeanne Seaver

Everywhere anything was happening in Vicksburg, Sue Moore was there. In fact, it was usually Sue Moore who made it happen. Sue didn’t just have her hands in everything, she was the full immersion experience of participation. In the eighth decade of her remarkable life, she could still do more in a day than anyone half her age. When we think of her, who doesn’t see that 100-watt smile, her exuberance and energy … her generosity of spirit that was matched only by her humility? Sue didn’t give a hoot about getting credit for her epic deliverables … she always tilted the spotlight to others. Her love and devotion to this community was apparent in every issue of the South County News that she founded, but her true legacy can’t be contained by words. For generations to come, the legacy of her deeds will continue to breathe life into this place and its people.

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