Vicksburg’s equestrian team places third in state

By Kathy Oswalt-Forsythe

For the fourth time in 13 years, the Vicksburg High School equestrian team competed at the state level. Head coach Mike Fleetwood, assisted by Karin Fleetwood, Kaiti Fink and Dawne Steele, prepared the six-woman team to compete. Their team placed third, a position which makes the coaches proud. Team members include Torie Barga, Olivia Cannizzaro, Makenzie Freund, Megan Kendall, MyKaila Scamazzo and groom Megan Burke.

Karin Fleetwood explained the challenges the young women faced in the final competition, as four potential state championship teams faced off. Two state championship teams from last year dropped to Vicksburg’s C division. During the four-day event, Fleetwood said the “team continued to climb in the rankings.” Each evening the coaches gathered to strategize and “utilize riders to their best advantage.” The strategy was successful, and while the girls were disappointed they didn’t repeat their state championship from last year, Fleetwood stressed, “this was the toughest competition we’ve probably ever faced, and we are stronger because of it.”

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