Bee club hands out honey for healthcare heroes

By Kathy Oswalt-Forsythe

The Kalamazoo Bee Club (KBC) recently donated 600 one-pound jars of honey to health care heroes working the pandemic front lines. Funded by donations, and bottled, labelled and transferred by a swarm of volunteers, the honey was dropped off to Bronson and Borgess’ volunteer coordinators.

According to KBC President Charlotte Hubbard, Schoolcraft resident, talking with the volunteer coordinators was emotional and stunning. Coordinators described the exhausting, relentless battles being fought in the COVID areas, and the “we will get through this” attitudes of their employees. Recipients said the thoughtful donations help boost the flagging morale of frontline workers. KBC was thanked profusely by the coordinators and then later by honey recipients on the club’s social media. “But,” said Hubbard, “I know I speak on bee-half of so many of us – we have profuse thanks for them, for their skills, resilience and expertise.”

To offset the cost, the project is funded by donations, which are still welcomed via Any contributions are appreciated. If gifts exceed the cost, the KBC will work to provide additional gifts to other area hospitals.

KBC supports beekeepers through free monthly educational offerings, a free hands-on apiary when conditions allow, and a social media presence to answer questions and assist beekeepers with seasonal challenges. KBC has over 500 members and 100 active members. South County is home to over a dozen KBC members.

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