New signs guide at Vicksburg Historic Village

An example of the new informational signs.

By Don Wiertella

Informational signs were installed in December at 11 locations in the Vicksburg Historic Village. The eleven locations include all buildings and the railroad rolling stock.

The informational signs were designed and installed to accomplish two goals: During times when the buildings and rolling stock are not open, the informational signs will act as an “on-site” docent, providing information to visitors on a 24/7 basis. The second goal is to show more of the buildings’ insides and link to additional information on the Vicksburg Historical Society website.

“Informational signs at each site will give visitors insight into how each building represents part of our area history, as well as a brief view of the interior of each building,” said Maggie Snyder, museum curator. “The QR Codes will link to additional information on our website for each building, and hopefully encourage people to view our website in its entirety.”

The signs were manufactured and installed by the Sign Center in Kalamazoo. Each is 18 inches by 24 inches and was constructed using a custom high pressure luminant material with a metal frame, mounted on a single post anchored in concrete. All materials are powder-coated in black and are designed to provide many years of service.

This yearlong process was led by Maggie Snyder and John Polasek. The graphics and legends on each sign were designed by Snyder. Polasek acted as project manager by preparing the grant request to the Vicksburg Foundation, obtaining bid proposals from sign suppliers and overseeing the installation of the signs. The late Sue Moore also worked with Maggie in developing the concept of having informational signs installed in the Vicksburg Historic Village.

This project was an excellent example of cooperation between the Vicksburg Historical Society, the Vicksburg Foundation and the Village of Vicksburg. Dan Ryan from the Sign Center said, “I’ve really enjoyed working on this project and digging around in the Historic Village!”

Polasek added, “I have reviewed the completed project and find the work acceptable. As a matter of fact, I think that it is very well done.”

The Vicksburg Historical Society wants to make the Historic Village an activity area and destination location for the community. This project is an example of the Vicksburg Historical Society’s goal to expand the operation and focus, of the Historical Society to better serve its members, their supporters and the citizens of Vicksburg and the South County area.

Vicksburg Historical Society and Historic Village is comprised of a 1904 restored railroad depot, boxcar and caboose containing railroad history exhibits; one-room school restored to the 1930’s; print shop and newspaper office containing a large display of letterpress equipment; farmhouse and barn with furnishings and agricultural equipment circa 1870 to 1930. The mission of the Vicksburg Historical Society is to preserve, advance and disseminate knowledge of the history of the greater Vicksburg area. More information can be found at

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