This friendly village

By Marilyn Jones, Schoolcraft’s Poet Laureate

Everyone seems to know I had a birthday
Lovely cards, visits, and gifts were fun,
My kids took me out to eat
March days showed off, with a warm sun.

How many towns have a library delivery service?
I just make a list of books and DVDs,
When they come in, a library friend delivers
For that personal service, there are no fees.

Their smiling faces are such a welcome sight
Cyndie and Bobbie will be having Book Club soon,
The pandemic is on its way out
I’m hoping things will be “normal” by June.

Cheerful greetings from Tom, Roxanne and Pam
Always give me a happy lift too,
They have all become good friends
During lonely months, they provided
Something to do!

The phone rang and Sheri told me
“I’ll drop off a movie you asked for”
What a surprise…she had a gorgeous bouquet
Spring flowers were such a lovely surprise,
With a special card, it made my day.

I asked, “Do all your customers get flowers?
She laughed and said, “No, only you.”
The special treatment is a blessing to me
Isn’t that a generous thing to do?

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