Happy, Busy Years

By Marilyn Jones, Schoolcraft’s Poet Laureate

How well I remember
Those back-to-school days,
The shopping trip for new clothes
A Barbie lunch pail for my girl
The Lone Ranger and Lassie for the boys.

They needed new notebooks, pencils and crayons
And we bought their textbooks for years.
Also padlocks, gym shoes and a sports pass
When the bills came in, I was close to tears.

They all had to see the dentist
And one boy needed glasses,
They were taped together all summer
To go to school like that would be a bummer.

We always wanted a big family
But it sure took lots of money,
I learned to juggle bills and the budget
And worked part-time, to help my Honey.

It was there before we knew it
The first day of school was a style show,
My daughter wore knee socks and a pleated skirt
Her long hair curled and tied with a bow.

The boys in khaki slacks, plaid shirts and oxfords
With fresh haircuts (from Dad) and shiny faces,
I knew they would come home with grass stains
Tired and hungry, with dragging shoelaces.

Of course, this mom got her camera out
So proud of her family, raring to go,
We didn’t have buses in those days
Kids walked to school, even in rain and snow.

Every September, the kids could hardly wait
It meant County Fair time and lots of fun,
Each child got five dollars to spend

On kids’ day they met friends and took off on the run.

Now I recall those busy days
With a tear, and a lump in my throat,
It all flew by so fast
I’ll sit down at the kitchen table
And write each one a cheerful note.

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