Schoolcraft elementary school construction begins

School staff celebrated the groundbreaking of the new elementary school in August

By Jordon Buell

Schoolcraft Schools Supt. Rick Frens in an early-November meeting updated the school board on construction planning, noting that construction permits for the new Pre-K-6th grade building have been issued and work has begun.

The construction is financed through a $39.9-million bond issue approved by voters in 2020. The work includes demolition of the elementary-middle school building, and replacement with a new elementary building and a 7-8th grade addition to the high school.

The board at its December meeting is expected to discuss federal pandemic relief funding under the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief program.

Every month, Schoolcraft’s staff nominates colleagues for Golden Circle awards in 10 categories. For the month of October, awards were handed out to these staff members:

• Cheerleader Award – Chris Kato

• Gardener Award – Kristie Zimmerman, Matt Webster, Amy Desmond, Andee Sampley, Karin Lynch

• Compassion Award – Andy Buchanan, Christy Winkle, Katie Slavin, LuAnn Mumford, Jennifer Johnson, Courtney Bainbridge

• Servant Leader Award – Debbie Lawrence, Aaron Beery, Kim Klocke

• Captain of the Ship Award – Angie Bentz, Aubrey Norman, Brenda Lynn

• Negotiator Award – Chantelle McMillan, Josh Willoughby

• Just Be Nice Award – Amy Green, Jaime Hilaski, “Mr. Jack” Roach

• Counselor Award – Todd Algor, Gina Puhalski

• Human Highlighter Award – Jo Noseda

• Inclusivity Award – Amy Green, Dewey Bolz

James Weiss, the district’s technology coordinator, was also commended for securing a technology grant for new Chromebooks for the students. Jeff Clark, the district’s athletic director, presented the Schoolcraft Food Pantry with a check for over $3,000 and 500 pounds of food. Fans brought food or cash during Homecoming week, when admission charges were waived.

Frens described three bids for the rebranding of the district’s logo. He proposed that three board members review them and return with a recommendation. This topic was originally brought up during October’s board meeting when the superintendent reported on how the Golden Eagle brand could be improved with updated signage and standardizing.

Board members have said the goal has never been to change Schoolcraft’s iconic purple and gold colors or the Golden Eagles mascot, but to provide a logo and font that all could agree upon and be proud of.

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