Vicksburg school board meets new staff

By Jef Rietsma

Vicksburg Board of Education members were introduced to the district’s newest employees who attended the Dec. 13 board meeting. There are 24 new employees in all.

From Indian Lake Elementary, new staff includes Natalie Wagaman, first grade; Amy McLiechey, Begindergarten; Tessa Rewa, special education; and Tatum O’Dell, who also works at Tobey Elementary.
Principal Sarah Bacalia said she was fortunate to partner with so many administrators to assist her with the hiring process.

From Tobey Elementary: Sarah Wasson, first grade; Chelsea Flickinger, second grade; and Brianna Hall, third grade.

Principal Mike Barwegen thanked the board and district officials for their commitment to keeping the number of students per classroom at a reasonable number.

From Sunset Lake Elementary: Amanda Halpin, third grade; Michael Schimp, fourth grade; Paul Block, fifth grade; Emma Kinn, fifth grade; Jenny Johnson, Begindergarten; and Shayna Brooks, counselor.

Principal Amie McCaw said she was fortunate to find a group of such talented teachers.

From Vicksburg Middle School: Cory Hinga, behavior specialist; Sarah Geist, English; Melissa Sparks, English and building interventionist; Sharon Vallier, fine arts; Jennifer Koning, math; Ashley Mann, math and building interventionalist; Elizabeth Pierce, science; and Cheyenne Payne, special education.

Principal Matt VanDussen said his summer was the busiest he had ever experienced as an administrator. “It was a lot of committees, a lot of interviews, I think I was dreaming about interview questions and what I was going to say,” he said. “And I really feel fortunate because we all hear … just how difficult it is to find teachers right now.”

From Vicksburg High School: Les Latham, physics; Rejean Kangas, science; and Shannon Howard, Spanish.

Principal Adam Brush said the district is fortunate to have such a strong addition to its high school.

Board president Skip Knowles welcomed the new staff members and said he enjoyed conversations he has shared with many in the group. “Some of you I’ve known, and known your family over the years,” he said. “I think this is a great school system, I think this is a great community and you’re all going to be an absolute great asset to us. You already are … you’ve been here from the beginning part of the year. I want to thank you for choosing Vicksburg.”

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