300 attend 2022’s first Vicksburg food truck rally

Hunter and Sarah Van at the Food Truck Rally.

By Jef Rietsma

Vicksburg’s first Food Truck Rally of 2022 was deemed a success by event organizers.

Staged March 10 on a closed-off section of Main Street, the rally attracted more than 300 people, according to Alex Lee, Vicksburg’s director of community engagement. Lee was instrumental in organizing the three-hour food fest.

He said it took synchronizing many moving parts to pull off. Aside from strong, cold winds, however, Lee called the event a hit.

The Food Truck concept is a social event the village started in 2019, a time that Lee said, in retrospect, could fairly be considered “the good ol’ days.” With COVID-19 in 2020, the concept was put on hold before returning last summer, when it was staged in a well-spaced format at The Mill, and far enough from what was then a torn-up downtown.

“The first one we had was probably the easiest because there was no construction, no destruction, it was a beautiful summer evening and live entertainment on the street,” Lee said. “Since then, there have been a number of challenges and the Food Truck Rally moved out to The Mill for about four or five events. But it’s great to be back downtown tonight for our second time, and first with the new streetscape.”

Lee said the village plans a number of events on Main Street this summer, including a farmers’ market (in late July), the grand opening of Oswalt Park and other signature events still being put together.

Lee said he is fortunate to organize such events in a community that embraces social gatherings.

“People enjoy having things come here, they always turn out and they’re friendly about it,” he said. “I’ve organized things in other cities, where it creates a bit of a parking inconvenience and some short tempers, but not here.”

Vicksburg residents Hunter and Sarah Van said they found out about the one-night event through Facebook and knew they would be in attendance, no matter what.

“Well, we knew there would be some good food here and we weren’t disappointed,” he said. “The Pig Mac from the BBQ place is excellent. It’s pulled pork and mac and cheese, and it’s really good.”

Participating vendors were Teresa’s Kitchen (authentic Mexican), Weller Barbecue, Blue Plate (comfort foods and dessert), and Ibison Concessions (fair/carnival foods)

Becca Schemberger, program director for KELC Events, lined up the food vendors and said Vicksburg proved to be a great host for the first Food Truck Rally of 2022.

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