Love you, Mom

By Marilyn Jones, Schoolcraft’s Poet Laureate

Mothers come in all shapes and sizes
Children usually think they have the best,
Even baby robins are happy in their nest.

Through the years, Moms have been put
On a pedestal. They don’t expect
To be honored that way, still,
Each year, we celebrate “Mother’s Day.”

When we were welcomed into this world
She cuddled her bundle of joy, if we’d fuss,
Then she caressed, loved and nurtured us.

We squirmed when she gave us a “spit bath”
If naughty, we got a swat on the behind,
And we learned the importance of being kind.

Did we appreciate the sacrifices she made
In order to buy something we longed for?
We loved her for the many times she was
There with the cough syrup in the middle of
The night, for having clean clothes to wear,
For sewing the badges onto Scout uniforms,
And for putting Band-Aids on our boo-boos.

Your mom still worries about you each day
It doesn’t matter how many birthdays
You’ve had. Too busy to call her?
Now that would be sad.

If you are lucky to still have your Mother
Tell her daily the things you want to say,
Don’t wait for one special day in May.

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