Schoolcraft school board honors top 10 graduates

Sitting on school grounds during Fourth of July fireworks was discussed by the board.

By Travis Smola

High School Principal Matt Dailey officially recognized the top 10 2022 graduates of Schoolcraft Community Schools at the Board of Education’s May meeting.

Topping the list was Tyler DeGroote, followed by Marisa Faulk, Maleah Hampton, Haley Matthews, Sophie Ridge, Shayla Strake, Hannah Thompson, Allie Walther, Sam Woodhams and Tyler Zito. Dailey noted this year’s seniors faced a bevy of challenges the last couple years as Covid-19 complicated the challenges of education.

“Think about two years in a pandemic out of 12 years or 13 years of education, a significant percent of what these kids have done, and they’ve weathered that storm, and not just survived, but thrived academically,” Dailey said. “I’m really proud about what they’ve been able to accomplish, and I’m really excited about what they’re going to do in the future.”

It was a short meeting in May with only a few items on the agenda. Superintendent Rick Frens noted costs for dairy and bread bids has gone up. The district is also looking at a $13,000 increase for the cost of a new bus. The district tries to purchase a new bus every year to keep its fleet updated and in good shape. This is a purchase that is currently slated for January. However, Board President Jennifer Gottschalk brought up the prospect of purchasing a new bus sooner rather than later. She wants to get ahead of rising costs.

“Can we put the order in so we can get it and we’re not getting nailed with price increases? I mean, there’s going to be more (increases),” Gottschalk said.

Frens noted there’s a lot of variables to current supply chain and inflation issues factoring into the decision of when they make their next bus purchase. He also noted the district passed its last bus inspection “with flying colors.” However, he agreed with Gottschalk it was worth looking into, and he told the trustees he would be back to them with more information later.

Gottschalk also informed the other trustees that she has had further communication with the Fourth of July committee. It has supplied insurance and applications for fireworks to the district. The committee additionally made a request for people to sit on portions of the lawn in front of the school, at the soccer field, and football field as viewing areas for the display.

“They wanted to know if people could sit on the football field. I don’t know that we’re too excited about that,” Gottschalk said.

The committee did promise to have people come to clean these areas the following day, including local boy and girl scouts. Trustee Rudy Blankenship said he thought the soccer field was fine, but he didn’t want anyone on the football field and bleachers due to safety concerns. Gottschalk also clarified for Trustee Adam Haley that it was only for seating purposes. No traffic will be allowed on the fields.

Except for the football field, the board agreed to allow seating in the other areas. Gottschalk noted it will need to pay attention to construction process as the holiday approaches. It plans to make work areas off-limits during the display.

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