Vicksburg welcomes new staff members

A portion of the new staff at Vicksburg Community Schools.

By Jef Rietsma

Nearly two dozen new members of the Vicksburg Community Schools family were introduced at the district’s Dec. 12 board of education meeting.

The formal introduction of new staff is typically done in December, affording the seven-member board an opportunity to place a face with a name.

Superintendent Keevin O’Neill said the following list represents only those who were in attendance at the board’s monthly meeting. He noted several current employees have taken over new jobs within the district but were not introduced with new staff. For example, former fourth-grade teacher Amanda Lewis still works at Sunset Lake Elementary School but now serves as its student services coordinator, a new position.

“I’m very excited about our December meeting, as usual, because we get to welcome some very new and talented people to the Vicksburg Community Schools family,” O’Neill said.

Board President Skip Knowles offered a welcome to the new staff members. He also had a message for VCS alumni.

“It’s good to see some of our Vicksburg grads back, it’s always good to have you all come home,” he said. “It is great, we’re proud of you, we think you’ve made a good choice and it makes me feel very good to hear that you feel supported because that is the name of the game. What you do is important. Welcome.”

Vicksburg High School

Nicole Bruggema, math teacher and freshman volleyball coach
Megan Schlabach, CTE agriscience teacher
Lauri Gordon, SEL Coordinator/Student Services

Vicksburg Middle School

Michelle Wistinghausen, science teacher
Joe Wing, media specialist
Joe Werkema, assistant principal
Matt Brussee, social studies teacher and intro to computer science
Ryan Vallier, special education
Alexa Neumann, English and ESL teacher
Jenna Khan, middle school and high school Spanish

Sunset Lake Elementary School

Alex Schmidtendorff, second-grade teacher
Kelly Sanchez, third-grade teacher
Kristen Snook, media specialist
Jill Braman, first-grade teacher
Cristina Ebert, third-grade teacher
Rebecca Wing, fourth-grade teacher
Rasman Gertners, special education
Brenda Warner, first-grade teacher
Samantha Witters, fifth-grade teacher
Kristin Kite, fourth-grade teacher

Tobey Elementary School

Tabby Sears, kindergarten teacher

Indian Lake Elementary School

Bailey Hawkins, third-grade teacher

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