Make your day rosy

By Marilyn Jones, Schoolcraft’s Poet Laureate

There’s an old song that goes …
“I’m looking at the world thru’ rose-colored glasses,
Everything is rosy now!”
Do you look at the world thru’ rose-colored glasses?
If you do, take a much-earned bow.

That merely means you have a positive attitude
It’s lots better to be an optimist,
Nobody enjoys a gloomy Gus
Or the depression of being a pessimist.

When we battle adversity
Our attitude plays a big role,
It’s not easy to overcome pain and sorrow
A dreary outlook takes a toll.

Who needs long, sad faces
And a permeating feeling of gloom?
Put on your rose-colored glasses
Brighten things up as you enter a room.

So put a smile on your face
A cheerful countenance is a good thing,
Start each day on a cheerful note
Enjoy the reaction your rose-colored glasses will bring.

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