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Varsity Football

vix varsity 6
Front row (left to right): Dalton Ketelaar, Hunter Van, Coach Tom Marchese, Jarrad Whited, and Seth Benson. Second row (left to right): Conner Henderson, Keenan Erb, Mitchell VanSchoick, Brenden Lovell, Bailey Slater, Blake Rankin, Justin Gearig, and Eric Babcock. Third row (left to right): Caleb Kudary, Nick Towns, Gary Corsaut, Brad Willis, Shaquan Vanostran, Austen Gohl, Nick Wallace, and Team Manager Josh Hull. Fourth row (left to right): MJ Nicholas, Team Manager Parys Goznzales, Michael Ward, Keegan Frisbie, Cordell Cavazos, Miguel Garrido, Mitchell Cantrell, Chris Manocke, Matthew Klingele, and Cole Curtis. Back row (left to right): Jacob Dilly, Mo Quesada, Bailey Kloosterman, Assistant Coach Scott Gajos, Assistant Coach Mark Blaesser, Athletic Trainer Rubie Gaudette, Assistant Coach Brian Deal, Assistant Coach Nate Heath, Tim Hetrick, and Curtis Shackelford. Missing from the photo: Benjamin Dull.

JV Football

vix fresh
Front row (left to right): Austin Grinnell, Deondre Lovell, Adam Grabowski, Drew Hamilton, Matt Holman, and Caleb Kropp. Second row (left to right): Nathaniel Penning, Garrett Ketelaar, Michael Thompson, Tanne Mendham, Tabor Lutz, Cody Crippen, and Yuya Kanamori. Third row (left to right): Shane Cousins, Luke Finney, Mark Goertler, Sonny Evans, Trace Puckett, Conor Frederick, and Abiel Taylor-Silva. Back row (left to right): Coaches Brian Deal, Canaan Groff, and Don Puckett.

Freshman Football

vix soph
Front row (left to right): Brennan Johns, Josh Holmes, Deandron Bullock, Wyatt Adams, Logan Alleshouse, Trenton Johnson, Dominic Buentello, Cohl Riddle, and Ryan Morgan. Second row (left to right): Austin Povlock, Cody Leonard, Brennan Hamilton, Austin Bresnahan, Trenton Lomason, Nolan Gohl, Ryan Fort, Caleb Conklin, and Eric Welch. Third Row (left to right): Tim Gearig, Nick Dilly, Trae Sehy, Cody VanderHorst, Cole Mallery, Wyatt McClish, Chase Young, Tanner White, and Parker St. Clair. Back row (left to right): Coaches Paul Gephart, Zach Wierenga, and Bret VanZanten.

Varsity Cheer

vix varsity cheer
Front row (left to right): Kayleigh VanAtti, Ciera Rance, Kacey VanDerBos, Dori Mulder, Madilynn Ludy, and Jessica Buell. Middle row (left to right): Emily Towns, Hailey Davis, Brooke Bowers, Cayla Klimach, Sarah Stasik, Makayla Peacock, and MacKenzie Davis. Back row (left to right): Kaylie Ruch, Megan Kameron, Madison Kline, Coach Nicole Laster, Kelsey Gillies, Jazz Porter, Taylor Grigg, and Lexi Ott.

JV Cheer

vix jv cheer
Front row (left to right): Brittany Warner, Baylee Lowe, and Amber Ijams. Middle row (left to right): Mikaela French, Faith Kirkendall, Hannah Goodhew, Chelby Zantjer, Ashley Barnebee, Katelynn Shumaker, and Morgan Crist. Back row (left to right): Aurelia Goodman, Taylor Woosley, Coach Ale Webster, Taylor Burson, and Breanna Wyles. Missing from the photo: Allie Garrison, Lauren Geesaman, and Kayla Kline.

Varsity Soccer

soccer varsity
Front row (left to right): Keenan Erb, Jacob Root, Mark Batican, Lucas Perry, Brolan Jennings, Skyler Eager, Rodrigo Guerra, Jordan Hallam, Christian Wines, Colin Cady, and Jackson Holladay. Back row (left to right): Coaches Allen Clawson, Travis Shubnell, Manager Jacob Miller, Jude Wisser, Nathan Couk, Eric Babcock, Coach Jon Cannell, Coach Brad Moldovan, Manager Hailey Klingele, and Head Coach Mike Moldovan.

JV Soccer

soccer jv
Front row (left to right): Jadyn Schroeder, Brendon Twohig, Vittorio Messer, Max DeLisle, Thomas Johnson, Jacob Potts, Alex Smith, Zachary Wagner, and Cole Thompson. Back row (left to right): Coach Jon Cannell, Manager Jacob Miller, Darren Hiemstra, Jacob Wisser, Maritz Thoben, Elijah Lockett, William Cober, and Coach Travis Shubnell.

Varsity Volleyball

vix volley varsity
Front row (left to right): Shaidan Knapp, Lexi Gunderson, and Morgan Preston. Middle row (left to right): Manager Olivia Cannizzaro, India Ash, Shannon Scott, Taylor Rosenthal, Michaela Oesterle, and Manager Anna Deal. Back row (left to right): Samantha Veld, Ashton Bjork, Grace Welch, Olivia Welch, Natalie Glaes, and Coach Katrina Miller.