Varsity Football

vix varsity 6
Front row (left to right): Dalton Ketelaar, Hunter Van, Coach Tom Marchese, Jarrad Whited, and Seth Benson. Second row (left to right): Conner Henderson, Keenan Erb, Mitchell VanSchoick, Brenden Lovell, Bailey Slater, Blake Rankin, Justin Gearig, and Eric Babcock. Third row (left to right): Caleb Kudary, Nick Towns, Gary Corsaut, Brad Willis, Shaquan Vanostran, Austen Gohl, Nick Wallace, and Team Manager Josh Hull. Fourth row (left to right): MJ Nicholas, Team Manager Parys Goznzales, Michael Ward, Keegan Frisbie, Cordell Cavazos, Miguel Garrido, Mitchell Cantrell, Chris Manocke, Matthew Klingele, and Cole Curtis. Back row (left to right): Jacob Dilly, Mo Quesada, Bailey Kloosterman, Assistant Coach Scott Gajos, Assistant Coach Mark Blaesser, Athletic Trainer Rubie Gaudette, Assistant Coach Brian Deal, Assistant Coach Nate Heath, Tim Hetrick, and Curtis Shackelford. Missing from the photo: Benjamin Dull.

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