On the Corner

By Sue Moore

Conflict Resolution

These days, it seems like the Middle East is about to explode in conflict that our government says could affect the US as never before. When you live in this small corner of the world, called South Kalamazoo County, you don’t think that type of warfare could have much impact. It seems we have our own little local conflicts to solve, such as the Schoolcraft schools bond issue defeat and the Vicksburg Village Council’s attempt to remove one of its own members from serving.

Then you read that the military is proposing a missile defense system that could potentially be located in Fort Custer in the SW corner of the huge, but somewhat abandoned military base. That brings the world’s conflicts home in a much more immediate way. It was ok when missile silos were located in far off North Dakota. But change does come and the hope is always that reasonable people will be able to find common ground to come to a resolution.

This is happening in Schoolcraft with the Board of Education asking for new citizen input on what they want for their schools. Another forum has been scheduled for Sept. 23 in Schoolcraft at 7 p.m. in the PAC. Three or four others were held before the election, with minimal attendance. It would be good to see a big turn out this time, with positive suggestions for the future of the school district.

In Vicksburg, the Village Council has wrestled with criminal charges of the former village manager and the condemnation of a council member. The current management has been very aggressive in seeking new businesses to fill up the Leja Industrial Park and it looks like they are close to success. Now the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is taking its turn at a new vision for the business district by holding a hearing for expansion of the boundaries of the DDA. If approved it would garner more TIF funds to finance the suggested improvements to the downtown. It will be important for citizens affected by the boundary changes and the taxing agencies to come to an early agreement at the Oct. 6 meeting. By improving the downtown it then makes a big difference in the quality of life for residents and businesses to thrive.

Let’s hope there is a big turnout on Sept. 11, at the Rise-n-Dine Restaurant at 6 p.m. to see what McKenna & Associates have drawn up. By participating in deciding the vision for the village you have a voice now instead of later if you don’t like it. For the village seeking to build a new era of investment, all of this transparency will work if people get involved to help make it happen.

044 (4)Hospital Emergency Services

Recently, a friend was stricken with food poisoning so bad that she needed to call for an ambulance to transport her to the emergency room for treatment. They took her directly to Bronson’s ER but in Kalamazoo, not Vicksburg. Why not go the five minutes it would have taken to drive down Boulevard Street instead of the 30 minutes to Kalamazoo? That gave the impression that Vicksburg’s ER was not available to the passenger. Which turns out to be true, only because she called the ambulance, which by state regulations must bypass a free standing facility like ours. It is because the facility no longer has primary care beds, in case the patient needs to be admitted. Should she have been able to drive herself or someone in her family could transport her to the Bronson Vicksburg facility, she could have been treated there. Bronson Vicksburg does have an emergency room staffed 24/7 but you have to get there by yourself, according the Vicksburg’s hospital administrator, Laura Howard. 

The east wall of the gym will look a lot different when basketball season starts in December, due to the Athletic Boosters funds.

Vicksburg Athletic Boosters Keep on Giving

By the time basketball season begins in the Mercer Munn gymnasium, visitors will see the results of $50,000 investment in the gym which was built in 1991/92. New scoreboards have been installed and a mural is being painted on the east wall by a commissioned artist, to depict Bulldog athletics. The Vicksburg Foundation contributed $10,000, the Boosters, $30,000 and the school $10,000 to the effort.

The Boosters meet every month on the first Monday at Main Street Pub and are always on the lookout for parents and friends of athletes to get involved. Over one million has been raised through bingo and fundraisers such as the recent golf outing at Angels Crossing. They support 19 varsity sports throughout the year by funding coaches requests that do not fit into the athletic department’s budget.

VHS Class of 1963

This group of fun fellows and lovely ladies, had such a good time organizing the Alumni Breakfast at the Community
Pavilion, they have decided to keep in touch by getting together for a monthly brunch at the Rise-n-Dine Restaurant. The next one is scheduled for Friday, Sept. 26 at 10:45 a.m. They are hoping that a few of their members who don’t have email will see this notice and decide to come and keep the fellowship going according to Mary Westerville Prange, their
gifted organizer.

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