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By Sue Moore

memorial dayMemorial Day is a serious reminder for our country of the many people who have given their lives in way too many wars. Our three communities in South Country do a terrific job in displaying their deep feelings on this day with a touch of Americana that tugs at the heart strings more than most. The speakers are eloquent, the crowd respectful, and the parade is full of fun for the little ones riding their bikes and watching from the curbside.

Though this day was meant primarily for the military, I spent a good deal of time lamenting the passing of my dear friend Pat Oswalt. She and I moved to Vicksburg with our husbands in 1961 and have been partners in volunteering for our community ever since. Whatever harebrained scheme I managed to come up with, she was there by my side to help. She had a few of her own, and I tried to be just as attentive, even though she had way more artistic ability than I will ever subscribe to. We raised our kids together, sent them out into the world, and hoped in some small way they would follow our lead to become a vital part of their communities. To both our joy, we have watched this happen with great pride.

Our most fun was spent cheering Michigan State athletics in good times and bad, which took equal parts of bravado and stupidity. We cooked good food together, met with good friends over the same, and shared our love for community in so many special ways. In succumbing to cancer, she displayed the quiet dignity that made her beloved by all who had the special treat to know and love her.

Schoolcraft’s Doug Flynn to Step Down as Athletic Director

The sports scene in Schoolcraft these last two years has been directed by Athletic Director Doug Flynn. He took over for a legend, and did a terrific job. As Mike Roy, Vicksburg’s athletic director, will attest, it takes an enormous amount of time away from family obligations, and Doug says he was feeling this intently. He will stay on as a teacher in Schoolcraft and surely be a stalwart supporter at the Eagles games next school year.

tracy locey
Tracy Locey.

Tracy Locey Resigns as Clerk of the Village of Vicksburg

Bill Adams reports that Tracy Locey has submitted her resignation as clerk but will retain her position with Brady Township as clerk in that elected position. She stepped in when the village was at its lowest ebb, and has been a huge contributor in increasing the veracity of the office and the treatment of those who use its services. It will take someone with big shoes to replace her. She had knowledge of local government that very few could emulate. Plus, she is so well organized and detail oriented that she could predict with some certainly what the next request would be and have it ready before being asked. She plans to take a new job offer that has been given her and her husband David Locey.

Carman Sweezy in Juried Art Show

Better known, as CoCo, Carman Sweezy is one of the special exhibitors at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts annual Bronson Park Art Fair on June 5 and 6. It is a juried event with 187 artists to be included. It’s quite an honor. She has a shop in Vicksburg which has limited hours, but when opened, well worth the visit.

Proposed Changes to Village Ordinances

The Vicksburg Planning Commission has been working on a whole new set of ordinances for the village these past few months. Their work is intended to impact the way the downtown businesses look from the front, with signs and awnings being the main concern. The change in language affecting the street appeal has largely been proposed by the Downtown Development Authority and given careful consideration by the planning commission. They are also looking at the basics that govern the entire village in a sweeping review of the book of ordinances, let by Chairman Chris Newman. Once passed by his committee, a public hearing must be noticed and then whatever changes that brings to light voted upon and finally submitted to the village council for its approval. Those residents who think they might be impacted by these potential changes, might be well advised to get in on the process before it gets a full head of steam.

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