Kalamazoo County Sheriff Candidates

Robert Munn (R)

Robert MunnAge 50, single, associates degree in Criminal Justice from Kalamazoo Valley Community College, bachelors degree in Criminal Justice.

“Law enforcement agencies refused to hire individuals with slight disabilities such as myself. I want to prove that an individual with a disability can perform the same task as those individuals without a disability. Second, I believe that Sheriff Department priority is the safety of the community.”

Jeff Heppler (R)

jeff hepplerAge 63, married to Judy for 42 years; three children, Martin Heppler, Traci and Paul Runcie, Thomas and Meagan Heppler; one granddaughter, Gabrielle Runcie. I have been the chief of police in Augusta since 1982, chief of police in Galesburg for 1 ½ years, previously a sergeant for 15-plus years and a firefighter since 1982. I am a member of the Richland Fire Department, Galesburg Charleston Fire Department and Ross-Augusta Fire Department. I have been a county commissioner since 2002, and am currently vice chair of the Board of Commissioners. I am also HazMat certified. I also own several different businesses.

“I am running for Kalamazoo County Sheriff to improve services and communications with the citizens, businesses and people who visit our county. I plan on doing this by increasing road patrol and having an open door policy. I also want to work on making the Sheriff’s Office fiscally responsible. I also plan on working on the drug trafficking problem that is affecting the area. I also want to work on the communications between the Sheriff’s Office and all public safety offices in the county.”

Richard C. Fuller III, incumbent (D)

Fuller, Richard 765 mrAge 52, married to Lisa, daughter Tamila (Sam), son Scott (Rachel). Education: Bachelors of Science in Organizational Management, Spring Arbor University; Associates in Law Enforcement, Kellogg CC, Marshall High School. Kalamazoo County sheriff for seven years, veteran of 30 years in law enforcement, graduate of National Sheriff’s Institute and COLES certified police officer that has held position of dispatcher, deputy, sergeant and detective. Creator/leader of the County Meth Team, Project Lifesaver and Field Training Program. Trained by U.S. Dept. of Justice in Jail Administration.

“My passion for this community grows every day. I share that passion as your sheriff. One of my focuses has been shifting law enforcement from “patrol and incarcerate” to “serve and rehabilitate.” Inside the jail, I’ve established services focused on helping inmates in their pursuit of a better life. I provide life-skills, mental health and addiction services. Outside the jail I am focusing on newer threats to our community such as elder abuse, human trafficking and scams that target all citizens. I am running for re-election so that I can continue to focus on these programs and address these threats as your leading law enforcement official.”

Thomas Swafford (D)

-Swafford Head ShotI am 53 years old, married and have a daughter who is a high school senior. I am a Deputy Sheriff at the Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Office. I am assigned to the jail division.

“I am running for office because the citizens of Kalamazoo County and the employees of the Sheriff’s Office need a sheriff that they can trust. I have seen firsthand the crisis in leadership that has developed over the past seven years. I will lead by example and I will give much needed direction to my command staff. Proper training for my deputies will be a priority. My deputies need to know when they put on their uniform that they are properly prepared for whatever situations may occur during their shift. As your sheriff, I will restore the trust in the Office of Sheriff of Kalamazoo County.”

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