Frustrations Continue for Lady Bulldog Basketball

By Travis Smola

Vicksburg’s Lady Bulldogs basketball team is 7-7 as the season reaches its mid-point.

Head Coach Jesse Vanabel and the team are understandably frustrated after the team lost again to Wolverine Conference rival Edwardsburg 47-33 on January 20.

Not that the game was all bad. Towards the end of the game the team showed some good energy on both sides of the ball and saw the ball spread around a little more. “When we go into our press, it’s effective for short bursts,” Vanabel said.

But Vanabel also said it may be something they look at using more often as the season goes on. “We have some stuff to figure out for the second half of the season,” Vanabel said.

The good news is they may be starting to do just that. The team beat Three Rivers 50-31 and Allegan 34-31, South Haven 43-20, and Sturgis 53-43 in their latest games. They were to face South Haven on the road for their last game in January.

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