Big Changes to Take Place at Local Medical Practice

Bronson docs
A few of the staff of Family Doctors of Vicksburg in front of the office on Boulevard Street. From left to right: Pam Rhodes, Sherry Robbins and Karen Ray.

Family Doctors of Vicksburg will become part of the Bronson Healthcare system June 1, 2017.

David Schriemer, MD, president of Family Doctors of Vicksburg, explains “The economics of the family practice have changed dramatically over the past decade. We can no longer compete to attract new physicians. We are pleased to become part of the Bronson Healthcare system. This will enhance our ability to attract new physicians to the practice and ensure care for local residents for years to come.”

“This was not an easy decision for us. Lloyd Appell, MD, (partner of FDV 1957-1999) reminded us that the most important thing was to continue to care for patients in Vicksburg. Bronson has made a commitment to stay in Vicksburg and grow the practice.”

Dean Kindler, MD, chief medical officer of Bronson Medical Groups came to Vicksburg to tell the staff, “We are excited for you to become part of Bronson. You have an excellent reputation in the area”.

There will be changes. The practice name becomes Bronson Family Practice Vicksburg. The computer software programs change. Job responsibilities may change.

Laser Skin Care will continue. Dr. Kerchief, Dr. Schriemer, Kathy Fenton-Miller, FNP, Debra Klinger, FNP, will continue to care for patients right where they are. “Most importantly,” says Dr. Schriemer, “the soul of the practice, our commitment to care for the community and treat patients as persons and not illnesses, will not change. I’m excited for the future. The potential to grow is very real.”

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