Vicksburg Village Council Member Puts Angels Crossing and Creekside Grille Under Scrutiny

By Sue Moore

Asserting that Angels Crossing Golf Club and its separately-managed Creekside Grille are underperforming, Vicksburg Village Trustee James Earl asked Village Manager James Mallery for a list of options to improve profitability at both.

The request was somewhat of a bombshell. The issue, not on the council agenda, was raised at the end of the meeting. Mallery and other council members did not respond.

“Both business units the village owns have continued to underperform in ways that are measurable and perhaps just as importantly, in ways that are unmeasurable,” Earl said.

“I request a report from the village manager that provides a list of options to strategically accelerate performance and profitability of both business units. All we can do is attempt to protect the taxpayers moving forward by making this entity a profitable one. Both the Golf Club and the Grille have made some improvements. I see signs that indicate it is time to review our strategy for both.”

He specified that the report should include all golf operations including the pro shop. “Plus, all Creekside Grille operations which includes how we serve our dining room guests and our golf patrons before, during and after golf rounds.” He specified a deadline of 45-60 days for the report with the possibility of using outside resources if needed.

A detailed job description for each position should be part of the package, Earl said. It should include a list of needed policies in order of priority that the unit needs to succeed under this new model.

Earl ended with the caveat that “We must be willing to change when necessary to be successful. We will not maintain the status quo and expect different results.”

In other business, the Council approved a three-year contract with the Vicksburg Police Officers Association. It includes a one percent pay raise each year on base pay wages and a one percent signing bonus each year that would not be used for purposes of pension calculations or compound future base pay.

A Water Asset Management plan and program as outlined by Prein and Newhof was also approved. It was largely a generic document according to Trustee Ron Smith when he wondered aloud if the village actually had a water reliability study. The answer from Mallery was yes.

Mallery also recommended an extension of the treasurer’s hours from 20 to 30-32 a week. Michelle Morgan has been working part time as treasurer, but her work load has been increasing since she came on board in July, Mallery told the council. She will receive benefits with a total cost not to exceed $20,000 in the six months of the current budget cycle.

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