Karen Hill Retires from the Vicksburg School System

Karen Hill retirement
On the left, State Representative Dave Maturen, former Vicksburg Schools Superintendent Pat Reeves came to offer their good wishes to Karen Hill in the middle upon her retirement from the school district. She was the Executive Assistant to Reeves and then for Superintendent Charlie Glaes on the right. Skip Knowles, president of the school board is on the far right.

By Linda Lane

After serving as executive assistant to the Vicksburg school superintendent for over 20 years, Karen Hill retired at the end of December. The school board recognized her service with a standing ovation at the board meeting and a retirement party prior to her last day at work.

“What I will take away from my years with Vicksburg schools are many fond memories and some wonderful friendships with the people that I’ve worked with here,” Hill said. “It’s just been such a great place to work. I’m going to miss all the people.”

“I have relied upon Karen’s outstanding professionalism, thorough attention to detail, productivity, problem solving, communication skills, and incredible empathy and understanding with people,” Superintendent Charlie Glaes said at the meeting. “Karen has been the cheery voice of the school, and an uplifting source of joy and support to those around her. Her strong values pervade her work and interactions. She will be truly missed.”

Karen has been tasked to oversee and manage complex processes involving multiple people and governmental organizations, wearing many hats for the District over the years, from election manager, FOIA coordinator, crisis communications coordinator, Kalamazoo County Excellence in Education Student Scholarship chair and other positions.

Karen and her husband, Mike graduated from Vicksburg High School. So did their two children, Greg Hill and Christie Hill-Moore. Hill has a granddaughter, Lili Hill, in second grade at Tobey Elementary School, and a few additional grandchildren who will attend Vicksburg schools when they enter kindergarten in a few years.

“Because I’ve got grandkids who are still attending Vicksburg schools, I’ll still be seen around,” Hill noted.

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