Barn Quilt Painting Workshop in Vicksburg

quilt trail
Hugh and Kitch Rinehart made a presentation to the Calco Quilters Guild of Battle Creek. In May, 21 of their members came to the Vicksburg District Library to learn how to paint barn quilts so they can organize a quilt trail in Calhoun County. Here is their handiwork.

The Vicksburg Historical Society is announcing the 6th and final Barn Quilt Painting Workshop. It will be Saturday, July 14, from noon-4 p.m. at Vicksburg District Library. Paint your very own 2×2-foot barn quilt, suitable for a shed or garage, for $40. Space is limited; phone 269-329-0481 to reserve a spot. It will be a colorful afternoon, said Kitch Rinehart, organizer and originator of the Barn Quilt Trail in Vicksburg.

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