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stadium on the corner
Eric Hackman was the chief architect of the Vicksburg athletic field and stadium in 2003.

By Sue Moore

The sudden closing of Bud’s Bar in Schoolcraft on the day of the Super Bowl was a major shock to those who consider this establishment an institution. Owner Nate McNeal promises to speak publicly about the decision in a month or more after details of the situation get ironed out.

Comments posted on Facebook speak of it being the “end of an era while many good times were had by all.”

Erika Fojtik and Drew Mallery Correction

“We’ve seen the article (about their engagement in Iceland) in the paper and have heard from a lot of others who’ve read it! It looks great and we are grateful you wanted to share our story. One thing that would be nice to put as a correction either online or for the next issue is that the photograph that is in the story was taken by Steph Murray photography, not Shelby Monnette. I would like to give Steph credit,” Erika Fojtik said.

50 Years in Business

Congratulations to EIMO for fifty years in the plastic molding business in Vicksburg. It has been a worthy employer and contributor to the greater Vicksburg community. It is planning a company picnic at Prairie View Park on July 13. Other than that, it’s just business as usual, according to General Manager Gary Hallam. The company started as Triple S Plastics and was bought out by a EIMO, a Finnish company, then by Nissha, a Japanese conglomerate which kept the name. One of my first jobs as a photographer was with Dave Stewart at Triple S when it was making testers for electrical equipment.

Robotics Champion

Eric Hackman, the Vicksburg Middle School co-coach for the robotics club, is a super volunteer in the program even though his own teenagers are not particularly interested in robotics. Hackman has an important connection to the school that is little known. He is an architect for TowerPinkster. In that position he designed the football stadium in 2003-2004 that we enjoy today. “There was 16 feet of peat moss under the old football field on the site, which at one time was a swamp and before that a lake. That’s the reason the previous track kept failing. We had to dig it all up and transport it to village property next to the cemetery on W Avenue where the sledding hill is now,” he related. “Mike Roy, the athletic director, wanted the field sized so soccer could also be played on it. That meant the track became a broken oval track. It is supposed to have 100 meters on each curve but we had to stretch them out to make room for the standard size soccer field. Thus, the straight-a-ways are shorter while still making it a quarter mile long.


Max Reicherts, senior, and Caleb Kosak, junior, at Vicksburg High were selected to the Michigan All-State Jazz Ensemble.

Ward Lawrence spent his last day as a Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s deputy on Friday, Feb. 22. He ran for sheriff but didn’t win in 2012. He stayed on staff anyway and was cited for his bravery and handling of a man who had serious destruction on his mind in 2018.

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