“Spring – I’m Ready When You Are”

By Marilyn Jones,
Schoolcraft’s Poet Laureate

I always look forward to springtime
When once again the earth turns green,
The whiff of fresh air, and birds tweeting
Gives my spirits a lift – know what I mean?

This year, winter has been dragging its feet
Snow in April is disappointing to see,
But if we can just be a bit patient
Daffodils and tulips will be what we see.

Is your garden ready for planting?
If you settle for a hanging basket, that’s OK too,
In my small, back-door garden (on legs)
Last year I planted yellow pansies – quite a few.

Now this year, 2020, a pandemic came along
Most of the businesses shut down,
It was tiresome to be quarantined at home
Lots of folks are wearing a gloomy frown.

But some friends dropped groceries at the door
Others have called or written a note,
It was a day brightener to hear from each one
And we can still take walks (with a coat).

Going out the door, I got a pleasant surprise
There in my barren garden was one tiny pansy,
It stands proud, while reaching for the sky
If it can survive snow, wind and a virus

I have confidence now, if a tiny pansy can make it,
So can I!

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