Still Studying While in Quarantine

Savannah McDonald, Schoolcraft senior, plans to attend Albion College in the fall.

By Rob Peterson

Not everyone got out of their homework when the COVID-19 quarantine closed schools this year.

Savannah McDonald, a student who is dual-enrolled at Schoolcraft High School and KVCC, must continue her schoolwork if she is to earn credit for her college-level courses. “I am taking two classes at KVCC,” she said. “I just turned in my final for one of the classes, but the other still has a project due.”

Savannah participates in Schoolcraft’s program which is unique in that it allows students to attend college-level classes on site, a feature that increases their participation rate. “Almost 40 percent of our students are dual enrolling, which may be the highest in the county,” said Schoolcraft counselor Larry Ledlow.

Due to COVID-19, Schoolcraft has extended its offer to pay for classes at KVCC for the summer semester, which Savannah is strongly considering. The savings of having these college credits could be significant; she is headed to Albion College in the fall. “We are working with the counselors at Albion to make sure her credits will transfer,” said her mother, Shannon McDonald. “We don’t get the additional financial aid that Albion just announced because she has already been admitted.”

Studying is not the only productive activity keeping Savannah busy during quarantine. She made the Albion tennis team, so exercising is a priority. “I’m missing the tennis season right now, so I run with my dog every day to stay in shape,” she said.

This time has been bittersweet for Savannah and her mother; quarantine has given them a shared experience, but they are missing the senior year milestones of prom, graduation, and her final high school tennis season. “It’s hard watching Savannah’s sadness over missing her friends,” says Shannon. “The silver lining is the extra time we have together before she goes off to college.”

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