Enjoy this day!

By Marilyn Jones, Schoolcraft’s Poet Laureate

A statement hit me in the eye
While reading a book the other day,
It was put there, just for me
And this is what it had to say…

“Don’t fall in love with SPRING”
It extolled virtues of the rest of the year,
Football season, colorful leaves in the fall,
Summer days at the beach we hold so dear.

Or sledding in winter on a snowy hill
Then watching a basketball game,
Time to sit by the fire and read a book
Blame holiday meals for a little weight gain.

But I’m guilty as charged
Happily infatuated with spring,
I love to meander outside and smell the air
And enjoy all the changes this season will bring.

To see daffodils and tulips spreading cheer
Watching from my porch, squirrels at play,
To go outdoors without a coat and gloves
And hear the bird’s musical notes in my ear.

Folks are riding bikes and swing at the park
The scent of dinner on a grill is pure bliss,
I wish spring lasted a bit longer
How could the climate be better than this?

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