A unique experience

By Marilyn Jones, Schoolcraft’s Poet Laureate

Our “Study Club” went to Janet’s for lunch
It’s always a treat to see her gardens,
We go up the hill (We’re still all able)
And enjoy her gazebo, with the picnic table.

It had been forecast all week
So it wasn’t a surprise,
The table looked lovely, but all around
It was wet, as the rain poured down.

Each of us was met at the car
We hurried up to our oasis,
A big umbrella kept us dry
As buckets of moisture came down from the sky.

There was no thunder or wind
We felt perfectly safe,
As we enjoyed the delicious food
We were all in a jolly mood.

Janet must have worked very hard
To carry all those goodies from the house,
After being cooped up, all last year
It’s a big deal to meet with friends, so dear.

It was the most unusual setting
A lovely place we won’t soon forget,
With abundant daisies all around the path
Enjoying a lovely, summer bath.

When you think you’ve experienced everything
God and Janet come up with something new.
Laughing, we had no reason to complain
Surrounded by a curtain of warm rain!

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