New projects increase Historic Village accessibility

By John Polasek, Vicksburg Historical Society

The Vicksburg Historical Society has been working hard to make the Historic Village a destination to display artifacts in a period setting for patrons. The majority of the artifacts have ties to Vicksburg and the South County Area.

There are 10 buildings and three railroad cars, all owned by the Village of Vicksburg, that need periodic upgrades and maintenance. Each year the VHS reviews maintenance needs and, through the Historic Village Committee, presents a repair and maintenance budget to the Village for review and approval. When approved, the Historic Village budget becomes part of the overall Village of Vicksburg budget.

After the approval process, the committee is responsible for having the work completed within the fiscal year. In 2020, maintenance work included cleaning the grounds and the inside of buildings, and placing ramps at the exits of several buildings to improve accessibility and create one-way traffic for COVID safety. The doors on the Township Hall were also replaced.

The HVC is currently working on finishing work from last year’s budget delayed due to COVID and unavailability of materials. This work includes placing railings for ramps at the Township Hall and Farmhouse and replacing the front porches and the back entrance ramp at the School. The work should be completed this summer.

The HVC’s budget for FY 2021-2022 emphasizes maintenance of buildings and began July 1. Major highlights of the new fiscal year work include washing and painting of the General Store, Sweet Shop and Gazebo. The Depot trim, doors and windows will also be repaired and painted.

The largest of the work items will be construction of aggregate pathways from the road to the School, Township Hall and General Store/Sweet Shop. This will make it much easier for everyone to visit these buildings. All work will be complete before the Harvest Festival September 26.

All are invited to attend.

The Village includes a 1904 restored railroad depot, boxcar and caboose containing railroad history exhibits; a one-room school restored to the 1930’s; a print shop and newspaper office containing a large display of letterpress equipment and a farmhouse and barn with furnishings and agricultural equipment circa 1870 to 1930. The mission of the Vicksburg Historical Society is to preserve, advance and disseminate knowledge of the history of the greater Vicksburg area. More information can be found at

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