Almond torte recipe

Submitted by Flo Friender

This is a recipe for almond torte that has become my go-to for potlucks and for at home too. It was shared with me by the owner of a bed and breakfast in the Upper Peninsula where we stayed several years ago. It was served for breakfast and got instant reviews and requests for the recipe from the guests.

Stir together: ¾ c butter, melted and cooled (This is important. The butter doesn’t mix right with the sugar if you don’t do this.), 1 ½ c sugar

Add: 2 tsp almond, ½ t vanilla

Beat in: 2 eggs, one at a time

Add slowly: Pinch of salt (optional), 1 ½ c flour

Bake at 350 degrees 25-30 minutes in aluminum-lined cast iron skillet.

When cool, peel off aluminum and serve.

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