Updates from around our area

A few snowflakes still linger today as we wrap up this edition of the South County News. Our daffodils and hyacinths’ progress has stalled during this cold spell. We are all looking forward to that spring sun on our face and the reappearance of lawn chairs and grills!

This month our paper is packed with stories featuring our villages, schools, and agencies, along with our regular features and columnists. So many exciting things are happening in our little part of the world!

Dustin Sayers, Social Studies Teacher at Schoolcraft Junior-Senior High School, is one of 10 Regional Teachers of the Year and a finalist for Michigan Teacher of the Year! Congratulations to Dustin! Watch for a feature next month.

I have included a picture of Adam Mennes, whom his family describes as a seven-year-old Lego Master. Note the look of pride and accomplishment on his face! We were always amazed by how well our children and their friends could follow these directions at such an early age. It seems like a great brain exercise and practice in focusing. I know we have many Lego and construction masters in our area, and my engineering friends love to see and encourage design and experimentation.

I have also included a shot of Vicksburg’s Lacrosse Club our contributor Leeanne Seaver took at Swan Park a few weeks ago. Happy Spring! Happy getting outside!

Thank you for your story ideas, your feedback, your patience, and your continued financial support of this paper. Our advertisers and our readers’ donations make this publication possible.

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