Having a great south county summer

Daisies in the summer garden. Photo by Leeanne Seaver.

Greetings from the South County News team. We hope you enjoy our August edition.

Our gardens are green and lush and will display the last of the day lilies this week, but the daisies and zinnias are timed to take over the show. I see so many beautiful yards and gardens while driving or walking in our area.

We tried the Merlin app, recommended by our columnist Jeanne Church last month, and are enjoying morning coffee and discovering birds we didn’t know were visiting the neighborhood: green herons, cedar waxwings, and even a loon registered on our phones. Thanks, Jeanne, we are enjoying it and learning a few things.

During the last month, many activities resumed, including Schoolcraft’s 4th of July festivities and Vicksburg Lions Club’s Summer Festival. Summer schools are wrapping up, beaches are busy, and athletes are preparing for fall sports.

This edition offers a snapshot of the many things happening in South County. You will find our regular features along with village and school updates.

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