Celebrating lasting friendships

Longtime friends got together for a Valentine’s movie date.

By Kathy Oswalt-Forsythe

When Glenda Wolfe saw the preview for the movie “80 for Brady,” on CBS Sunday morning, she knew she wanted to honor longtime friends Bev Hoffman, Janet Cousins and Beth Aitken. The movie, based on a true story, emphasizes the lasting friendship of four women, all over 80 and fans of Tom Brady.

Wolfe sent her three friends an invitation to celebrate Valentines Day with a mystery trip. They all accepted. When they gathered, Wolfe presented them with beads, pom poms, sunglasses, and the choice of four names for the adventure. Hoffman chose Lily (Tomlin), Cousins chose Rita (Moreno), Aitken chose Sally (Field), leaving Wolfe with Jane (Fonda).

Wolfe thought her friends would guess where they were going, but even after they arrived at the movie theater, her friends said they were “in the dark.” Wolfe presented her friends with their tickets and concession gift cards after they posed for a picture in front of their chosen character.

Wolfe reported the group laughed and laughed, saying “it was a good way to celebrate our age and our over 35 years of friendship!”

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