God’s Little Joke

By Marilyn Jones, Schoolcraft’s Poet Laureate

It’s been a very hot summer
Some of us kinda like it that way,
But the gardens are crying for rain
And the sun keeps smiling every day.

My friend was planning a “Garden Party”
What fun … I’ll be going to that,
But I got a dumb infection, and
Moped around like a sick cat.

No party for me, I was thinking
Guess it wasn’t meant to be,
After nine hours in the E.R.
They found out what was ailing me.

Feeling much better now,
I sent an RSVP “I’ll be there”
With rings on my fingers
And bells on my toes!
“Please save me a chair!”

The date arrived, sunny and bright
A great day to eat in the garden,
But God had a joke up his sleeve
As he thought, “I beg your pardon.”

The umbrella tables looked lovely
Just as we were ready for food,
Thunder rumbled in the sky
Raindrops changed our festive mood.

Everybody grabbed a chair
And hurried into the barn,
The food was rescued too
As we peered out at the downpour
And muttered, “Darn.”

Eleven of us laughed
What else could we do?
Of all the nice days we’ve had
Why wasn’t this one clear and blue?

I admired the hostess’ demeanor
She didn’t seem upset,
Of course, rain was a possibility
But the day wasn’t over yet.

Tables were wiped off, food came out
The rain had moved … on its way,
What lovely camaraderie we share
It turned into a wonderful day!

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