Advertising Seminar Makes Good Business Sense

Steve Ellis
Steve Ellis

By Sue Moore

Every week at the South County News board meeting, the members are treated to the wisdom of Steve Ellis on how to construct an advertisement that really sells. That’s because he is the acknowledged pro at knowing what works since he’s been doing advertising his whole adult life and he is willing to give freely of this advice to all comers, the board has discovered.

So he was asked to take a day off from his regular job as editor/publisher/ad salesman of Spark, a monthly periodical that he created, once he left the employ of the Kalamazoo Gazette in 2012, and give the same advice to local business people who don’t have time to study and design their own ads.

A one hour seminar with questions to follow has been set for Ellis to spin his yarns on Wednesday, October 16 with a session at 8 a.m. for the early birds and another at 2 p.m. for those who find it more convenient to get away in the afternoon. It will be held at the Vicksburg Community Center.

The seminar is free and there will be no pressure exerted on those who take advantage of the opportunity to improve their marketing via print, radio, TV and social media. Design and wording for advertising comes into play as well as a full blown marketing campaign for a business that might be struggling to get its product into the public’s consciousness. Ellis serves as a trustee of the South County Board on a volunteer basis, as do all the rest of the members of this non-profit group that has pledged to bring a newspaper back to life in the Vicksburg and Schoolcraft area.

It’s a sure thing that attendees will learn new and vital information and feel that the session can be valuable way beyond the hour spent. Reservations may be made by calling Sue Moore at 649- 2453.


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