Vicksburg Little League Needs Board Recruits

For over 40 years Vicksburg Little League (VLL) has provided an opportunity for kids five through 18 years old to learn the games of softball and baseball.  The learning comes from instruction by volunteer managers and coaches who work under the auspices of the Little League board.

This year as in years past the board is in need of help to fill its membership.  Those on the board believe there are many seniors in the community who have time and a desire to help their community and are asking them to step up to volunteer.

What better way to do this than as a VLL board member, Terry Coburn asks. They will be helping to guide the future of the league.   Meetings will start in January 2014, usually at the Vicksburg Main St. Pub’s banquet room and are open to the public.  Two meetings a month begin at 7 p.m. until the playing season starts then they will move to 8 p.m. so the managers and coaches may attend.  At this time there are many positions open and needing to be filled.  Those who might be interested in helping the kids in the community may contact Paula Wetzel, president, 269-762-0088, Brad Wetzel, equipment manager, 269-323-0593, or Terry Coburn, information director, 269-720-3532.

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