Vicksburg Rocket Football

rocket kids 2Over 160 youngsters turned out for Football Night in Vicksburg and to sign up for the local USA Football Heads up program, which used to compete under the Rocket Football name. The entire Vicksburg High School and Middle School program has adopted this program which emphasizes safety first for all the players.

This was evident with over eleven players from the three high school teams present to run the kids through drills and give them encouragement. “It’s a partnership,” Coach Tom Marchese commented.

“We teach the coaches the base plays, about ten for middle school kids, and five for the younger ones. Part of coaching is coming up with stuff they can use. If I don’t water the Rocket kids like tomatoes, they don’t grow. The guys at the top, Josh Baird and Kip Young are good organizers. Baird even offered to man the end zone camera for each game. It’s the best film ever for linemen and the varsity can even watch this film from home or on their smart phone,” Marchese emphasized.

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