DDA’s Vision for Downtown

The Vicksburg Downtown Development Authority (DDA) will provide a ‘show and tell’ at its annual meeting. It is scheduled for Tuesday, July 14, from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. at Rawlinson’s Appliance store, 202 S. Main Street. Kathleen Hoyle, the DDA director is encouraging the public to attend and to enhance the appeal, the DDA will offer food, drinks, and an update of the activities during the year 2014/15.

Presentations will be made concerning the board’s accomplishments, the future plans, the façade program, and feature the launch of the Vicksburg Vision campaign, according to Hoyle.

“The enthusiastic community support and participation in the past year, has enabled the DDA to move the Village forward,” she said. “We have listened to citizens’ vision for the Vicksburg of tomorrow, now we are reporting on how these ideas are becoming realities.”

“The DDA Annual meeting invites the community to celebrate with appetizers and drink, while we provide you with highlights of the past year. We will outline plans for the coming year, forging the next phase of development.  At the end of the meeting we want to hear the citizens’ voice to ensure we are providing the community with the Village they envisioned,” Hoyle pointed out.

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