Vicksburg Rotary Club Hosts Pancake Breakfast

Rotarians Larry Forsyth and Charlie Glaes demonstrate their prowess at making pancakes.

The Vicksburg Rotary Club in conjunction with the Battle of Sunset Lake will be hosting a pancake breakfast at the pavilion on N. Richardson Street from 7-10 a.m. on Sunday, June 26. This will be a fundraiser for the club, according to President David Aubry, as well as a kickoff to the events all day at the Recreation Park.

The cost is $6 for a stack of pancakes and syrup, sausage, coffee, and juice. A complete meal for a family is $20. The cooks and servers will be members of the Rotary Club, as will the clean up committee.

A school bus will be running back and forth to the actual battle activities from the pavilion parking area at half-hour intervals. No cars will be allowed to travel into or park at the Recreation Park to keep the re-enactment as authentic as possible. Disc golf has been suspended for the three days of the encampment.

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