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By Sue Moore

We have two local athletes, Adam Henderson of Vicksburg and Connor Nutt of Schoolcraft, who were selected by joeinsider.com for the Kalamazoo County Baseball Elite team player of the year on June 27. They were selected as top players for spring after speaking to local coaches and evaluating their postseason success.

Lydia Goble and Katie Parker of Schoolcraft and Rylie Richter of Vicksburg were also selected as top players for softball.

These athletes are also outstanding students who give it their all. Connor and Adam have a 4.0 GPA. They should be very proud of their hard work both on and off the field.

Joeinsider is a web based sports column/news organization led by Wes Morgan, a former Kalamazoo Gazette sports writer. He focuses on teams in St. Joe County but ventures over into Kalamazoo County to cover Schoolcraft and Vicksburg when they compete against the likes of Constantine or Three Rivers.

Absentee Ballots in Schoolcraft Township

Over 200 absentee ballots had already been received as of Monday, July 23 in Schoolcraft Township’s office said Clerk Virginia Mongreig. Unfortunately, all of them will need to be discarded and reissued. This is due to a mistake in programming made by the Secretary of State’s office in Lansing. The ballots had the candidates for state representative listed for the 63rd State Legislative District on the Schoolcraft Township ballot when in fact, the township is in the 61st District.

A voter pointed out the discrepancy to Mongreig who then had to work with the state and county to resolve the issue. The new ballots will be ready before this newspaper goes to press, but those who have already voted will need to have their ballots spoiled first. Then they will be replaced with the correct ballot. These kinds of gaffes only used to happen in Chicago and are not likely to be the fault of the Russians either.

VCAC Closing for Building Reconstruction

Façade renovations on downtown Vicksburg buildings at 101 and 103 E. Prairie Street will cause the Vicksburg Cultural Arts Center to suspend gallery operations unofficially for a short while. The dust kicked up by the reconstruction of the inside and outside window area could be harmful to the many beautiful gallery items for sale by local artists, Syd Bastos said.

They are rethinking the space for future use with the possibility of more classes being offered and more interactive events. They have planned two more offerings in their Destination series with the first one on August 25 called Destination Rural America and the follow-up to that, Destination Sweden, on September 22.


Apple Knockers won first prize for its float in the Schoolcraft 4th of July parade. Jaspare’s Pizza was voted the best in class for the Taste of Vicksburg in July. The Chamber of Commerce event led by Mandy Miller and helped by a host of others, estimated the attendance at over 2,000 for the Taste. Schoolcraft annually bring in over 10,000 for the parade.

Village and County Road Resurfacing

A few miles of reconstructed roads in the village of Vicksburg are a tremendous improvement. South Street which was among one of the worst surfaces, got a good makeover, as did N. Main, Wilson, Wellhouse Dr. and several others. Sprinkle Road was resurfaced by the county from S. Ave. to V. Avenue and is a great improvement.

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