On the Corner

By Sue Moore

Real estate is moving well in these parts. Cheri Lutz reported to the Schoolcraft village council that a Mexican restaurant is coming in to replace Kenny’s Chop Suey at 321 N. Grand Street and a State Farm agent has purchased the former Big Island quilt shop at 423 N. Grand.

Distant Whistle in Vicksburg has opened Kalamazoo County Home Brew Supplies at 116 S. Main, next door to its taproom. Apple Knockers has purchased the Ralph Hayward Agency on the west side of the Sunset Lake pond, right across from Vickers’ Tavern. It plans a deck that will face Vickers’ deck but there probably won’t be live music coming from Apple Knockers in the evening right away as it won’t open until spring. Meanwhile, the insurance agency is moving to where Bobby’s Restaurant was on N. Richardson Street. Some remodeling will be completed by January before the musical chairs can take place.

Singing Sensations at UM Glee Club

Two Vicksburg graduates from 2018 have auditioned and were chosen to sing with the University of Michigan Men’s Glee Club. They are Mike Halstead (tenor) and Jess Schmidt (baritone). Vicksburg choral instructor Dusty Morris said both “are skilled readers of music with solid singing voices. They both are really smart dudes, too.”

Suellen Lane Dedicated to Cleaning Up Liberty Lane East

For years, members of the Victorian Garden Club have weeded and maintained Liberty Lane West. The East portion which was planted two years ago has two new champions to keep it beautiful: Suellen Lane and Julie Merrill. They have extended their work to many of the other flower beds on S. Main and Prairie Street as well. Lane just completed her Master Gardener course work this spring and has a passion for seeing the village look beautiful. She convinced Merrill to help out since she has pretty much closed down her appliance business and says she is retired. They even purchased mums to plant and further beautify Liberty Lane.

Rudy Callen Donates His Hair to Wigs for Kids

8-11-17 was the last time Rudy Callen’s hair was cut at Nick’s. It has been growing out for 13 months. “I was originally just letting it grow before it turns all gray! Then I got to talking with Dayton Sterns, a guy I knew in the Monday night golf league at States,” said Callen. “I decided donating it would be appropriate. Dayton said Wigs for Kids with Cancer would help some people out.”

“My long hair was definitely not approved by all. I had many offers by people to pay for a haircut…even had one grab my elbow and try to walk me over to Nick’s place. I am now clean cut. I’m pretty sure the long hair bothered some folks. The lady who cut it said they would have preferred longer hair to work with but I was pretty much done with it! I measured 10 inches from the scalp to the end of the hair Dayton said 10 inches was the minimum for them to make good wigs out of the hair.” Sterns donates the hair to the organization and then orders and fits wigs to people who need them at his Gemini Salon on Milham Road in Portage.

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