Vicksburg Village Council Remembers Sue Moore

Vicksburg Village Manager Jim Mallery, right, reads a tribute to Sue Moore.

By Jef Rietsma

With misty eyes and heavy hearts, members of the Vicksburg Village Council saluted Sue Moore at their June 1 meeting. Moore, a Vicksburg icon and founder of South County News, passed away just days before the seven-member council assembled.

Board president Bill Adams offered his comments at the start of the meeting. “Late last week, the village of Vicksburg suffered a great loss. We lost a cheerleader, a visionary, a historian. We lost a writer, an editor, a photographer,” Adams said. “We lost a leader, a volunteer, a relentless positive force. We lost a proud mom, a wonderful neighbor and a very dear friend. God rest your kind and gentle soul, Sue Moore.”

The praise continued as other council members offered tributes.

Council member Colin Bailey shared, “I don’t know too many people that radiate the happiness that she did … somebody that’ll stick in your head forever.”

Carl Keller, a member of the Vicksburg Lions Club, offered his own appreciation of Sue and noted that the civic group’s members via teleconference agreed to donate $500 to the South County News in Moore’s memory. “[South County News] was her baby and we thought that would be a fitting gift,” Keller added. “Even though she wasn’t a Lion, Sue was a friend of the club, so we wanted to do that.”

Julie Merrill continued the accolades. “I’m just so sad to see her gone because there’s nobody that would ever step up and do all the things that she did; she was so involved [at] so many levels and I’m really going to miss her.” Tim Frisbie concurred.

Council member Gail Reisterer said she gained much from Moore’s friendship. “Sue and I were really good friends. We were sorority sisters … it’s really hard for me to talk about her because she was such a good friend.”

Rick Holmes closed the tributes, saying he met Moore in 1979, going over to her house to play football with her son, Chris. “Forty years later, I can say that Sue has been involved in my life more than most people know.” Holmes said he is grateful for all the advice she offered. “She showed us all how to live our lives, and that is live it with passion, grasp every opportunity you can, never say no when someone comes knocking and more than anything else, love your neighbor more than you love yourself. And that’s Sue Moore.”

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