Bill Oswalt’s Memory of His Wife and Sue Moore

Both Pat and Sue were birds of a feather when it came to their die-hard allegiance to the Green and White Spartans. Sue was always included in every “Sparty Party” if she wasn’t graciously hosting it herself. She would sit on the floor by choice close to the TV, not to miss a trick. But if at any time during the athletic engagement the TV coverage was perceived the least bit unfavorable or in some insistence downright intolerable, all it took was a glance at each other, and she and Pat, without fanfare, would quietly leave the room in hot pursuit to the nearest radio. The downside to this was that radio coverage typically proceeded TV coverage by what seemed like three or four seconds, and just as we were on the edge of witnessing what promised to be a momentum-changing event, it was invariably preceded by these vocal outbursts or sometimes uncharacteristic expletives clearly leaving no mystery as to what we were about to witness. Green and White parties just won’t quite be the same without that pair.

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