Honoring Sue Moore’s legacy

By Kathy Oswalt-Forsythe

This issue marks one year without Sue Moore, and we at the South County News still feel the loss of our beloved editor and publisher. During the year, it’s been common for us to grapple with the answer to a question about our communities, businesses and organizations.

Sue would have known the answer in an instant.

We at the paper aren’t alone in missing Sue. Her family and close friends still expect to see her enter an event with her smile and trusty Canon camera. And the boards of several organizations are still learning to function without her. The Vicksburg Historical Society, the Vicksburg Community Schools Foundation, the Vicksburg Rotary Club, the Vicksburg Farmers’ Market – all these groups have experienced the hole left by Sue’s death. Her public-relations experience, her advertising expertise, her contagious positivity and energy, her countless connections throughout the state are all a memory and part of the legacy she leaves behind.

She made a difference and worked to make life better in south county. Our recognition of Sue’s many projects challenges us to honor her legacy through following her example and contributing to the success of our communities.

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