Community corner: Thank you, South County!

As a nonprofit focused on supporting families in need, the holidays are always a busy time of year at South County Community Services. Many families who had never asked for assistance needed help this year. To brighten their holidays, we ramped up our efforts to distribute food certificates, gift cards, presents and winter clothing to parents, kids, and others who need extra support over the holidays. Volunteers delivered flowers, cards, and holiday mugs to local seniors. The community also rallied around our Trees of Life Campaign, donating and overflowing the trees with ornaments that honored and celebrated people in our lives.

It’s the season of gratitude, and the volunteers and staff at South County Community Services feel uniquely blessed. We are not only there to see the looks on our families’ faces when they receive much-needed support, but we spend the month processing donations made in honor or memory of loved ones and community members. Every check that comes in represents the support of the community for our agency, our work, and, mostly importantly, the neighbors whom our work helps. Those donations allow us to continue our work throughout the year and we are so grateful for each one and humbled by the trust that they signify.

We’ve seen record donations and volunteerism this year, telling us our community truly does love and support its neighbors, and so many small acts of kindness that show how important everyone is in our community. Because of donors and givers like you, we helped more families, kids, and seniors in need. Every time we drop off clothing, gift cards, or flowers, we can see the joy these gifts mean to our clients – gifts YOU have helped make possible.

Thank you, South County Community, for embracing what “love thy neighbor” really means and creating a more joyful holiday for all of South County!

Drew Johnson lives in Kalamazoo and is the director at South County Community Services. He has a small quarter-acre homestead with chickens, bees, and hops (and more!), a wonderful wife, and three energetic children. He can be reached at 649-2901 or

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