Fall is here

Well, this is a big issue! It kept us busy right up to our deadline, and we hope you enjoy it.

Today, the sun is shining, and the maples’ leaves are beginning to blush with color. The hummingbirds are busy filling their tanks and checking their oil for the southern journey, and the squirrels brazenly grab seeds and nuts, nearly under our feet! How we anticipate October and all its beauty!

Rise N Dine reopens

They’re back! The DeBault family is back serving up food and that wonderful community atmosphere at Rise N Dine. The restaurant was closed due to smoke damage from a non-electrical fire for two months. For those who frequent Vicksburg’s Main Street establishment, if felt like two years! Deb DeBault says, “I am so thankful we operate here in downtown Vicksburg. So many folks stopped by during our closure to see if we needed anything. We all just take care of each other, and that means so much to us. We are extremely happy to be open again.”

Closing thoughts

We are told that what we are doing this month — presenting fall athletes, obituaries without charge, bios and photos of political candidates, local governmental and school updates, and regular columns our readers have come to expect — is very rare. We think it’s important and helps make our part of the county a special place to call home. Please consider supporting us. Our advertisers and readership partners make it possible.

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